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Kuraray’s product range Mowital®: let’s bind better!

ipcm® interview with Mr. Jörg Bruss, Director, Global Business – PVB Technical Resin

Based on its mission “For people and the planet - to achieve what no one else can”, the Kuraray Group has aimed to develop businesses that contribute to society ever since its establishment.

Better binding with Mowital®

Founded is 1926, Kuraray Co. Ltd is a Japanese chemical company which in 1950 was the first in the world to commercialize polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fiber, under the brand name KURALON. This was the first synthetic fiber invented in Japan, and led the early phase of Japan’s synthetic fiber industry. Since then, Kuraray has expanded worldwide: today, the Group includes Kuraray Europe GmbH, Kuraray America Inc. and Kuraray South America Ltd.. Mowital® is the trademark for a wide range of different polyvinyl butyral resins (PVB) marketed by Kuraray Europe GmbH. ipcm® interviewed Jörg Bruss, Director of Business Unit PVB Technical Resin at Kuraray Europe GmbH to find out more about technical features of Mowital®, its application and about what sustainability means for Kuraray Group.

Ipcm®: Can you outline Kuraray’s PVB Technical Resin Business?

JB: “We are a strong player in the Technical Resin Market. Our trademark Mowital® stands for a wide range of different polyvinyl butyrals (PVB) marketed by Kuraray Europe GmbH. With the Mowital® brand, Kuraray is the European market leader and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of technical PVB materials.”

Better binding with Mowital®

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ipcm®, “Kuraray’s product range Mowital®: let’s bind better!”, in ipcm®_International Paint&Coating Magazine no. 63, May/June 2020, pp. 26-29.