Mowital® product portfolio

The product range

The constellation of properties displayed by the individual grades of Mowital®, and thus the suitability of each grade for the particular application, is determined mainly by three factors:

  • the degree of acetalisation
  • the degree of polymerisation (the solution viscosity)
  • the used aldehydes

As relative measures of polarity and molecular weight of the polymer, the above parameters are characteristic values of prime importance.

The degree of acetalisation of Mowital® correlates directly with the residual concentration of polyvinyl alcohol: the lower the residual PVA concentration, the higher the degree of acetalisation. In the following schematic representation, the different grades of Mowital® are arranged according to the above-mentioned ­parameters.

Nomenclature of Mowital®

The numbers 16, 20, 30, 45, 60, and 75 contained in the type designation for Mowital® are relative measures indicating the increasing degree of polymerisation or molar mass and thus the rising solution viscosity. The alphabetical suffix points to the increasing degree of acetalisation ranging from the T grades over the H grades up to the HH grades.