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MOWITAL® | The PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) Experts

Trademark for a wide range of different polyvinyl butyral resins (PVB) marketed by Kuraray Europe GmbH.

Main features are: excellent adhesion and film-forming properties - high binding power - outstanding optical transparency

Mowital® technical pvb resin for the best connections!

Mowital® powder

Fine powders for a radiant luster

Fine-grain Mowital® powders give your inks, paints and coatings a radiant brilliance – and are ideal for use in the food industry
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Mowital® granules

Innovative granules for plastic processing

With Mowital® granules, you optimize your injection molding and extrusion processes – even in the production of powerful 3D-printed filaments
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Mowital® thin film

Strong films bonding numerous layers

Mowital® Thin Film permanently bonds your complex composites – perfect for use in the aerospace industry
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Innovative approach by MOWITAL

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Innovative approach by MOWITAL® with its new Technology Scouting team watch video

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