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Kuraray podcast recording with sales manager Antonio Velardo

Antonio Velardo

Manager Antonio Velardo outlines the benefits that MOWITAL® offers users in the PVB market.

Kuraray podcast recording with Gurshranjit Singh

Gurshranjit Singh

In the MOWITAL® podcast, Gurshranjit Singh explains what’s special about technology scouting for MOWITAL.

Kuraray podcast recording with R&D expert Dr. Florian Mummy

Dr. Florian Mummy

R&D expert Dr. Florian Mummy talks about the clear benefits of using MOWITAL® PVB materials, for example in the production of microelectronics.

Claudia Müller-Ramirez


With great competence Claudia Müller-Ramirez guided the experts through the podcast. Listen to exciting details from Sales to R&D and Technology Scouting...

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Contactbox: Gurshranjit Singh | Technology Scouting of the Mowital® Brand

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Gurshranjit Singh

Technology Scouting
Phone: +49 69 305 85729
E-Mail: gurshranjit.singh@kuraray.com



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