Mowital® for printing inks

PVB for printing inks

Low-viscous grades of Mowital®, e.g. B 16 H, B 20 H and B 30 H, are frequently used as binders for flexographic and special gravure printing inks. If necessary, specially developed Mowital® grades with even lower viscosity in solution can be made available for this application area.


Since Mowital® is absolutely safe for human health, these inks can be used to print on food packagings.


Mowital®-based printing inks exhibit excellent adhesion to both organic and inorganic substrates. For this reason, they are suitable for printing on foils made of polyolefins, metal, cellulose acetate, polyester, cellophane, polyamide and polystyrene. Owing to its good adhesive properties, Mowital® B 16 H, B 20 H and B 30 H are used for printing on intermediate layers. If necessary, adhesion on difficult substrates, e.g. OPP films surface-treated with homopolymer and ethylene-propylene copolymer coatings, can be improved by the addition of adhesion promoters. Mowital®-based printing inks exhibit low solvent retention, good flow properties, and high resistance to water and low temperatures.

Printing inks for heat sensitive packaging (cold sealing) are another important application area for Mowital®. Owing to their good solubility in alcohol, moreover, the Mowital grades can be used to formulate alcohol-based printing inks. These inks do not corrode the printing plate and can be used on solvent-sensitive plastic surfaces. Suitable solvents here are alcohols, e.g. ethanol, isopropanol, n-butanol and diacetone alcohol, and esters, e.g. methyl, ethyl and n-butyl acetates.


  • excellent pigment dispersion
  • soluble in alcohols / organic solvents
  • excellent adhesion
  • fast solvent release
  • excellent flexibility
  • transparent and colorless
  • non-toxic and low-odour


  • Print on Food packagings
  • Printing on foils made of polyolefins, metal, cellulose acetate, polyester, cellophane, polyamide and polystyrene
  • Heat sensitive packaging (cold sealing)
  • Alcohol based printing inks
  • Inkjet printing inks
  • Pigment preperations
  • Thermotransfer inks