Mowital® Applications

Polyvinyl butyrals meet the requirements for an enormous number of applications. Mowital® for instance is an essential component of prepregs and composite materials, adding flexibility to the thermosetting matrix resin, e.g. for the production of aerospace interior.

The use of Mowital® in structural adhesives enables thermo-plasticity, improved flexibility and good adhesion to various substrates. Their lasting binding power makes them suitable as a basis for stoving enamels.

As a component of corrosion-protection primers Mowital® not only prevents steel from rusting but also provides excellent surface adhesion. The superior flow and pigment wetting properties of Mowital® make this product class highly suitable for the manufacture of predispersed pigment preparations and printing inks for e.g. food packagings.

Furthermore, Mowital® permits the special build-up of retroreflective coatings in road traffic signs and markings – and thus increases road 
traffic safety.