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Powders, granules, films: Mowital® is PVB (polyvinyl butyral technical resin) at its best for YOUR processes

The principal manufacturing processes for the production of polyvinyl butyral were developed in the years 1929 to 1939. Polyvinyl butyrals have been produced for about 70 years at the Frankfurt-Höchst Industrial Park. This is a product tradition which Kuraray continues by constantly optimizing existing applications and developing innovative new uses.

Polyvinyl acetates with different molecular weights serve as the starting materials for the production of Mowital®. Polyvinyl alcohols (PVA) are produced from polyvinyl acetates via transesterification. The reaction of the aqueous polyvinyl alcohol solution with butyraldehyde in the presence of small amounts of mineral acid yields polyvinyl butyral. The polyvinyl butyral precipitate is filtered off the aqueous liquor, washed and dried. 

Since not all hydroxyl groups (OH) of the polyvinyl alcohol react with butyraldehyde,however, Mowital® invariably contains a certain percentage of hydroxyl groups. Moreover, a small percentage of acetyl groups always remains in the Mowital® polymer chain from the upstream transesterification during which polyvinyl acetate is converted to polyvinyl alcohol.

From paints and printing inks, to adhesives, ceramics, films and 3D printing: Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) resins are extremely important for many applications. With our Mowital® powder, granule and film materials, we offer just the right product for your application.

Choose powders, granules and films for YOUR processes.

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