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Coatings - Utmost flexibility for YOUR functional targets

More than adhesion for your requirements

Modern coatings have to do more than adhere well. They should be easy to work with, harmonise with numerous binders, and serve additional functions such as corrosion protection. MOWITAL® polyvinyl butyral (PVB) technical resin is the ideal basis for all these requirements. Our coatings supply utmost flexibility for YOUR functional targets.

Plus excellent compatibility and crosslinkage

Owing to their excellent compatibility with phenolic resins, MOWITAL® grades B 30 T and B 60 T are frequently used as combination partners for stoving enamels in the packaging industry. MOWITAL® H grades give polymers with a higher heat deflection temperature (HDT) after cross-linking, whereas MOWITAL® T grades achieve a stronger three dimensional network.

And even corrosion protection

MOWITAL® displays a very good adhesion to steel, iron, zinc, aluminium and other light metals. Nevertheless, adhesive strength and corrosion protection can be further improved via combinations with phenolic resins, epoxy resins, phosphoric acid and anti corrosion pigments.



  • excellent pigment dispersion
  • soluble in alcohols / organic solvents
  • excellent adhesion
  • excellent film formation
  • compatible and cross-linkable with epoxies, phenolics, melamines, etc.
  • non-toxic and low-odour

Use MOWITAL® for

  • primers
  • additive for powder coatings
  • adhesive lacquers
  • automotive refinishing coatings
  • heat-sealable lacquers
  • nitrocellulose lacquers
  • oil-resistant lacquers
  • packaging lacquers
  • paper varnishes
  • plastic surface finishes
  • radiator primers
  • roller application lacquers
  • stoving enemals/can coatings
  • strippable packaging coatings
  • topcoats
  • wood sealing varnishes


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