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MOWITAL® polyvinyl butyral for highly specialized applications ...

Not only for prepregs and composites

Polyvinyl butyrals meet the requirements for an enormous number of specialized applications. MOWITAL® is - for instance - is an essential component of prepregs and composite materials, adding flexibility to the thermosetting matrix resin, e.g. for the production of aerospace interior.

Also for improved flexibility and best adhesion

The use of MOWITAL® in structural adhesives enables thermo-plasticity, improved flexibility and good adhesion to various substrates. Their lasting binding power makes them suitable as a basis for stoving enamels.

Allowing superior flow and pigment wetting

MOWITAL® provides excellent surface adhesion. As a component of corrosion-protection primers MOWITAL® forms a matrix with the rust protection pigment and supports, among other things by forming a compact closed (PVB) film. The superior flow and pigment wetting properties of MOWITAL® make this product class highly suitable for the manufacture of predispersed pigment preparations and printing inks for e.g. food packagings.

Meeting your safety demands

Furthermore, MOWITAL® permits the special build-up of retroreflective coatings in road traffic signs and markings – and thus increases road 
traffic safety.



  • soluble in alcohols / organic solvents
  • fast drying, fast solvent release and low solvent retention
  • thermoplastic polymer
  • excellent film formation
  • transparent and colourless
  • light resistant
  • good barrier properties
  • tough polymer with excellent flexibility
  • broad compatibility with modified resins and additives
  • crosslinkable with phenolic-, melamine-, isocyanate- and epoxy-resins
  • consists only of C,O and H - no problems with disposal / combustion
  • high adsorption capacity to oily, greasy liquids
  • non toxic and low odor
  • meets various recommendations of different foodstuff legislations
    (FDA 21 CFR § 175.300 resinous and polymeric coatings / Council of Europe, Resolution AP (96) 5 on surface coatings intended to come into contact with food stuffs)
  • good adhesion properties on many substrates


Use MOWITAL® for

  • binder for abrasives and sandpaper
  • candle coatings
  • cardboard packaging impregneations
  • foundry aids
  • retro-reflecting films
  • spot weldable paints
  • welding rod impregnations
  • writing cores for pencils and coloured pencils
  • use MOWITAL® AS thermoplastic binder
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