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We are passionate about excellence in adhesion

MOWITAL® polyvinyl butyral adhesives guarantee best adhesion

For improved elastic and rheological properties

Owing to the excellent adhesion of MOWITAL® to glass and metals, various MOWITAL® grades are used to bond or laminate these materials to other substrates. MOWITAL® as adhesive can be applied as thin film, solid powder, solution or by fusion (hotmelt).

Means of choice for holtmelts

The adhesive compounds are first prepared by the binder (MOWITAL®), the plasticiser and the appropriate additives in heated kneaders or extruders. These compounds are then applied to one of the substrates with heated rollers, nozzles or spray guns and are finale bonded by applying heat and pressure. When ­solvent-containing adhesives are used, the bond strength and ­reaction time can be controlled by using phosphoric acid (metal lamination).

And structural adhesives

During the manufacture of epoxy resin based adhesives, MOWITAL® is employed as rheology modifier to improve the elastic and rheological properties of the products. MOWITAL® can be used in combination with other thermosetting resins (e.g. phenolic, epoxies, etc.) to provide higher bonding strengths to surfaces chemical and mechanical resistance after cross linking.

With our polyvinyl butyral we guarantee best adhesion.



  • 1K and 2K formulations
  • used in high strength structural adhesives
  • improved substrate adhesion
  • transparent and colorless
  • non-toxic and nearly odorless
  • soluble in alcohols/organic solvents
  • compatible and curable with e.g. isocyanates or epoxy resins
  • thermoplast, but curable to a duromer


Use MOWITAL® for

  • hotmelts
  • structural adhesives
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