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We are a strong player in the PVB market

Mowital® is the trademark for a wide range of different polyvinyl butyral resins (PVB) marketed by Kuraray Europe GmbH. Mowital® polyvinyl butyral has excellent adhesion and film-forming properties, high binding power and outstanding optical transparency. It is soluble in many organic solvents and can be combined with a wide range of reaction partners. From coatings and printing inks to adhesives and high performance ceramics: Polyvinyl butyrals (PVB) guarantee the right bond as a binder in numerous applications. With the Mowital brand, Kuraray is the European market leader and one of the world's largest manufacturers of technical PVB materials.

Customers worldwide trust the original Mowital® with its roots in Germany

And that is not the only thing that makes Mowital® so unique: "Mowital® was one of the first PVB materials on the market." says Jörg Bruss, Director Global Business for Technical PVB. "Customers worldwide trust the original from Frankfurt am Main. With our broad product portfolio, we offer materials for innovative applications, such as our thin film for lightweight applications and our granules for demanding 3D printing applications". In addition to its exciting products, which offer advantages for numerous applications, Mowital® also offers an exciting team of competent experts. From research and development to service and sales, the PVB experts work closely together when it comes to tailor-made solutions for their customers - even when very special requirements are called for. Get to know us now.